Beaches close to Banda Aceh Sumatra

Lampuuk Beach and Lhoknga Beach Banda Aceh Sumatra

Just 15 kilometers (around 20 minutes drive) from Banda Aceh are 2 of the most beautiful beaches in all of Sumatra.

Lampuuk Beach and Lhoknga Beach are beautiful white sandy beaches with are becoming known for great beaches for surfing and kite surfing.

The beaches are connected and cover over 5 kilometers. The beaches face the Indian ocean.

This area of Banda Aceh is starting to become popular destinations. There are a few basic guesthouses in the area and more are being developed.

The surfing season at Lampuuk Beach and Lhoknga Beach starts around the end of October through to the end of April. The rest of the time it is Kite Surfing Season from May - October. Read more about Kite Surfing in Sumatra.

Lhoknga Beach Banda Aceh Sumatra

Lhoknga Beach Banda Aceh

Lhoknga Beach is directly facing the Indian Ocean and is becoming famous for it's surfing (though some of local surfers would prefer to keep it a secret).

Lhoknga Beach has the best of all surf conditions with a left hand break, right hand break and A-frame surf all at the same beach.

At the far western end of Lhoknga beach is a river which is excellent for paddle boarding. You can paddle board up the river a few kilometers. The river is also good for fishing.

There are around 10 small guesthouses in the Lhoknga area with some larger guesthouses and hotels being developed in 2014. Yudi's Place is one of the closest to the beach and just around to corner is Norma's Guesthouse. Both Yudi's and Norma's have a restaurant serving both local and Western food. Both have free WiFi internet access for their guests.

You can rent a bicycle or motorbike to get around Lhoknga or into Banda Aceh. Make sure you get an internationl licence as if the police pull you over you will need to show this or expect a 'fine'.

Lampuuk Beach Banda Aceh Sumatra

Lampuuk Beach Banda Aceh

Lampuuk Beach is the closest beach to Banda Aceh, around 20 minutes drive from the centre of the city.

Lampuuk Beach is around 2 kilometers long which wraps around a large bay so the water at the sand is calm and great for swimming.

At the western side of the bay is a large carpark area which has loads of food stalls and restaurants. On the weekends, especially on Sundays this area is crowded with local people from Banda Aceh enjoying their day off at the beach. There are some water sports available including banana boat rides.

At the eastern end of the bay are large hills which are great for hiking through with lots of beautiful plants and some cheeky monkeys.

There is only the one guesthouse at Lampuuk Beach called Joel's Bungalows. At this stage we are unable to find any contact details for Joel's Bungalows. There is a facebook page for Joel's but no contact number or email. Maybe you can send a FB mail message to them for bookings.

Video at Lampuuk Beach Banda Aceh

Accommodation in close to Lampuuk Beach and Lhoknga Beach Aceh Sumatra

Norma's Guesthouse Lhokgna Beach Banda Aceh Sumatra Indonesia

Norma's Guesthouse Lhoknga Beach

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